This course is intended for:

  • Post graduate Orthodontic students
  • Orthodontists who want to improve their skills, knowledge and have more options for their challenging cases.

Hi, My name is Mohamad Sadekli

I am an Orthodontist, Life coach and online courses Instructor.


I have treated hundreds of challenging orthodontic cases, and I have got a lot of beautiful smiles at the end of their treatment journeys.

As I believe "giving is the only thing that can give absolute happiness", I wanted to share my humble experience with you.

So let's start together to improve you knowledge and skills which will absolutely make your practice easier and full of joy!

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Dr.Mohamad Aljassem


Instagram course for Dr.Sadekli is one of the most useful courses that I followed for those interested in instagram from the medical community. a professional, comprehensive, and valuable work, which I consider a valuable reference in the use of instagram in the medical field

Dr. Rafa'a Mardani Dentist ​

Dr. Rafa'a Mardani


I always wait every single post and video you publishe, you inspire us all as dentists and enrich all our knowledge as patients! Whenever I ask you a question, you never hesitate to answer me every single time I ask you . Positive and motivational vibes are spreading from you everywhere. It is a treasure having you in the field.

Dr. Dalia Bazerbashi


Oh, I don't know from where I should start. 

First of all, thank you so much for all your efforts that you put in these wonderful courses and lectures you provides. 

Honestly, I like the topics that you choose and the content that you present. They are simple and rich with information. Moreover, the way you present your lectures with the topics you select help all people and they are not exclusive only on people who work at the medical felid.

The courses help me to think in other ways and improve my skills in social media.