Dubai Workshop, Nov. 2020

This course is self paced

It is Pre-recorded from the actual TMJ course that took place in Dubai, UAE on Nov. 26th & 27th, 2020

This course is divided into Part 1 & Part 2 short videos
Total course time = 2hrs & 40min
Full Course Curriculum below 👇🏼

You will learn through case discussion:

- Essential occlusion concepts that you wish we were taught in dental school
- How to plan your cases for optimum esthetic and functional results
- Why some patients develop TMD after restorative or ortho treatment
- How to avoid creating TMD for patients after your treatment
- Case discussion

About the speaker,

Dr. Lana Dalbah

Dr. Dalbah is an Orthodontist and Orofacial Pain specialist. She is a diplomat of the American board for both specialties. She is assistant professor at European University College and has been teaching in various postgraduate dental programs and in international conferences.

Her interest in TMJ learning started when she developed TMJ pain in 2015 and didn't find answers to her problem. This encouraged her to study this topic further by traveling worldwide to learn from experts in this field. So she will share her perspective as a doctor and as well as a patient.

She understands that TMJ topic is usually perceived as being complicated and boring for dentists, and she promises in this course to make it simple, easy, and fun!



Dr. Ahmad Oueis D.D.S., Ph.D.  

Head of IADR-UAE Section

"It was a great pleasure to attend your TMJ course and I appreciate your hard work in this is difficult subject. 

What I really appreciate is your sharing with us the essence of your experience and the summary of knowledge which you worked hard to get. 

You proved my BELIEF that 


I really thank you from my heart" 

Dr. Arjumand Kabli

General Dentist

I attended Dr Lana's course on "TMJPain and Dysfunction" in November 2020.

I liked the way Dr Lana started from the basics and smoothly approached the more advanvced concepts.

In this two day course Dr Lana got us excited about the various treatment options . Her 'Myofascial protocol' and new splint designs make the course even better.

Dr. Fae Al-Adhami

Endodontist/Cosmetic dentist

"It was very informative and interesting course. Dr Lana is excellent speaker and lecturer.

She keeps us engage to her lecture all day with very enjoyable atmosphere "

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